How to spray a disinfectant cleaner on your clothes

You probably won’t want to spray the disinfectant cleaning cleaner on yourself, but if you have a dirty towel or rag, it might be a good idea to spray it on. 

For some reason, the chemicals are so hard to get rid of that the best disinfectant cleaners can be used in your washing machine or on clothes that have already been cleaned.

Here’s how to use disinfectant-lotion spray to clean your clothes. 

Spraying on your hands and forearms is a good thing, too. 

And to be sure that your clothes are completely clean, spray on the back of the neck and back of your arms first. 

There’s no harm in using a disinfecting cleaner cleaner on a towel, too, though you may have to spray on your arms a little to get a nice, even, coat of disinfectant on the towel. 

You can also use a cotton ball or towel, which is a great way to dry your clothes before washing. 

Finally, you can use a disinfection cleaner sprayer to spray in the direction of your face and head, and spray it into your hands when you clean your hands.

Do this, and you should be able to spray clean your face, neck and body for up to two weeks.

So go ahead, clean your laundry, put your towels away and use your cleaner cleaner to clean the rest of your clothes and the washcloths.