When You Want to Get Rid of All Your Dirty Hands, But Don’t Have Time to Wash Them Off

The best disinfectant fogger for wiping out bacteria is one that doesn’t require frequent hand washing or a daily bucketful of bleach, according to a new study.

That’s because, the researchers said, fogging solutions typically have a lower level of disinfection than other hand washing solutions, making them ideal for people who want to reduce the number of bacteria they carry on their skin. 

In fact, “hand wipes can be contaminated with a number of germs, and hand-washing with a product that contains bleach can also be contaminated,” study author Dr. Joanne Bekker, a microbiologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, said in a press release.

The team used a product called the Hand Cleaner to test different fogging options, and found that “the best disinfection fogger” had a lower amount of disinfectant than all other hand wipes. 

Researchers also tested the product’s ability to wash hands without using detergent and found it to be 99.8 percent effective in this regard, Bekkers team said.

“Hand washing with a hand sanitizer will help prevent bacterial growth in the hands, and we know that this helps people avoid getting sick,” Bekkar said in the press release, adding that the company was also working on developing a hand fogger specifically for this purpose. 

“Our results suggest that a fogger can be a powerful, safe, and inexpensive alternative to hand washing,” she added. 

Bekker said that the results of the study could lead to future product development.

The company is still in the early stages of its research, and its products won’t be available for sale until 2018, she said.

The researchers said the product should be available in “the next few years.”