Which disinfectant should I use to disinfect my home?

Synonym(s) disinfectant cleaning sprays,cleansing sprays source RTVE title What are disinfectant sprays and why should I choose one?

article The most common disinfectant is chlorine.

Claire disinfectants have an extra chlorine atom and they are meant for household use.

They have a high pH and will kill bacteria and viruses.

The disinfectant cleaners are available in the range of 6 to 12 ounces.

The cleaners work by adding a mixture of chlorine dioxide and disinfectant ingredients to water.

The cleaner should then be sprayed onto the surface of your home.

The most commonly used disinfectant cleanser is disinfectant wipes.

The wipes are designed to absorb water and disinfect your home, but they also work as an effective disinfectant and also help clean surfaces in a home.

Other disinfectant brands include bleach, vinegar and ammonia.

Some people also use chlorine to disinfect their personal hygiene products and toiletries.

Clients will also need to use the right cleaning product, according to the Home Health Care Agency.

Source: Al Jazeera English