How to protect your house from the bacteria that could be the cause of an outbreak

The European Union has launched an initiative to clean up houses and offices that may have been contaminated by the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The EU-led initiative will see teams of cleaners and disinfectants deliver disinfectant wipes to homes and offices.

The new strategy will see the EU-based Clean and Safe programme deploy 1,000 clean cleaners to clean a minimum of 10,000 properties by the end of the year, as part of the effort to prevent an outbreak spreading across the continent.

This will involve cleaning the areas in which people live, work and eat.

The initiative is aimed at reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

It will also involve the use of new disinfectant cleaners.

It is part of a wider EU-wide programme to ensure that households and workplaces have the means to disinfect their buildings, and that all buildings are equipped with the right technology.

The clean-up teams will use equipment and chemicals which are specially designed for use with disinfectants, and the teams will be provided with water and sanitation supplies.

The Clean and Safeguards Directive (CSD) came into force on July 1, and has been hailed by health officials for reducing the number of cases.