Antibacterial cleaner that wipes out viruses is no more!

The first disinfectant cleaner to use an antibacterial cleaning agent has been banned in China after it was discovered to have contaminated the country’s soil with bacteria, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

The new cleaner, called Zep antibacterial cleaner, is marketed as a water-cleaning cleaner and is made by an Australian company, but the Chinese government has said that the product should be tested to make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Zep was first developed in Australia by a company called Listeria-Free Cleaners in 2003.

It is currently being sold in the United States by another company called Clean Clean-Pak.

The Clean-Paks new product, which was approved for use in China last week, was marketed as an antibacterials disinfectant to help people who live in areas that have a high prevalence of bacterial infections, Reuters reported.

Clean-Pak’s company said in a statement to Reuters that the disinfectant used in Zep was made from an antibicrobial product and that the company had no knowledge of the product’s contamination with bacteria.

A second batch of Zep that is being tested for the bacteria could not be found in a laboratory in China, Reuters said.

It is unclear what, if any, impact the ban will have on the Chinese market.

In the United Kingdom, it has been reported that some Chinese customers have reported their water was running dry.