How to use a MR clean disinfection spray

The MR clean dispenser comes with a nozzle and two dispensers.

The dispenser is connected to a dispenser ring that also connects to the sprayer.

The sprayer itself is connected via a hose to the nozzle and nozzle ring.

The hose connects to a sprayer cartridge that is attached to the dispenser.

The dispenser uses a liquid-based disinfectant.

The liquid-filled nozzle has a capacity of one ounce (0.8 ml).

The dispensing mechanism can be used to fill a spray bottle, fill a cup, or to pour out the contents of a spray container.

The nozzle is designed to spray for up to 10 seconds and can also be used for an additional 10 seconds.

The sprayer is designed for use in a standard toilet bowl, a toilet paper roll, a bathtub, a shower, or in a sink or shower head.

A shower nozzle can also function as a showerhead.

The shower nozzle does not come with a reservoir.

The bottle dispenser has a size of 4 ounces (114 ml).

The spray dispenser cartridge is connected through a hose that is connected by a wire to the reservoir.

The reservoir is attached by a hose or hose adapter to the cartridge.

The reservoir is connected with a hose from the dispensing nozzle ring to the bottle dispensing ring.

The cartridge itself is attached with a wire from the cartridge ring to a nozzle.

The nozzle is connected in the hose to a hose attached to a cartridge.