What to look for in a Walmart disinfectant product

The word “detergent” is not synonymous with “clean”.

But that’s what Walmart is promising consumers when it’s selling a new “divergent” brand of disinfectant, called “Walmart-Divergent”.

The company is touting the product as a “unique, sustainable, low-cost, environmentally friendly and convenient way to disinfect your home”.

The “diversified” brand is a marketing ploy to woo consumers into purchasing a new product and the new product is designed to be “more affordable and accessible than a traditional home disinfectant”.

Walmart’s marketing materials say “a home disinfection solution that meets the consumer’s personal hygiene needs and meets the EPA’s requirements is a good choice”.

The word “purify” is also not synonymous.

“A home disinfecting solution that can be used in conjunction with a standard home disinfecter is not a safe and effective home disinfectants choice,” it says.

“A product that can also be used with a traditional disinfectant or home disinfected with an aerosol spray is not safe and ineffective.”

“A home or home-based disinfectant solution may not be safe or effective for all people.”

The company says the product “is designed for use in homes and is suitable for use with household and personal cleaners”.

“The products used in Walmart-Diversified products are made in-house using ingredients sourced locally from local farms, growers and other growers.”

It says it is “not affiliated” with Walmart.

The brand name of the product is Walmart-Distillate, but Walmart says it’s an “all-natural” product.

Walmart has been accused of using “alternative medicine” to promote the products.

In February, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had “reviewed the claims of several homeopathic and natural homeopathic remedies for disinfectant use”.

The FDA said it “will take action to ensure that such claims are substantiated”.

A spokesperson for Walmart told the BBC: “As a company we strive to be transparent about our products and to share all the information that we have on our website and our social media channels to help consumers better understand how our products work and to make informed choices.”

We believe our products are safe and environmentally friendly.

“Walmart said in a statement: “We do not make any claim to have the best home disinfector in the world, or any other disinfectant that can provide the best results.

“Our home products and products in general are made with ingredients that are sourced locally, and the materials we use in our home products are certified by the EPA.”

The EPA has launched a investigation into Walmart’s products and told it the company should “immediately cease marketing the products”.