A little girl loves her baby doll, but there’s a catch

A little boy named Sofia loves to play with dolls, but he’s not one to just let it go.

And that’s where the new movie from director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Jodi Rudoren comes in.

The movie centers on Sofia’s journey of discovery about her own personal doll collection and how it fits into her life.

The story centers around Sofia, a toddler, who is a lifelong fan of dolls.

When she grows up, she will need to put aside her dolls and start collecting her own.

The film takes place in Sofia and her mom’s house.

The story is told through Sofia as she is growing up.

Wingard told ET that he wanted to take a different approach to the movie.

He wanted to tell the story in a way that felt like an actual story.

That’s when he asked Jodi if she could direct the movie, and she was thrilled.

It felt like a little girl would be able to tell this story, and then have a family that would really embrace her.

She is so proud of what she’s gotten from the movie and I think that is why she loves it so much.

She wants people to know that she is the best doll collector.

She loves her dolls.

She’s very loyal.

The doll collection is hers to own, so the family has to learn how to make sure they’re not breaking the rules.

They have to learn to make her happy.

The movie also stars Sofia herself, who has been working with Wingard on a few projects before this one.

The filmmaker said that the story is meant to be about a very personal journey of a child who has had a doll collection that is just like her own and her own childhood.

But there’s also a lot more to her than just dolls.

In fact, the whole idea of the movie is that there is a doll collector who’s going through a very difficult time in his life.

So it is a little more complicated than the typical Disney film.

Jodi said that there are also moments in the movie where Sofia has to confront the doll collector for being a little too obsessed with her collection.

Wingardo told ET in an email that he was able to capture the story of a growing relationship with a doll that was part of Sofia.

It is really important to her that she be proud of her collection, and we really try to keep it personal.

She was always very proud of the dolls that she had.

I’m not going to say that it was a very large collection, but it was certainly very personal.

The doll collection was one of the themes that came up in the conversation that we had during the writing of the screenplay.

It was really about trying to bring out the most unique aspects of Sofias collection, which are the personal aspects and also the historical aspects.

Jodie said that it felt like the story was about how Sofia was learning about herself, and the importance of her dolls, as well as the importance that they place on her.

It also really touched on the idea of wanting to be a little bit more involved in her life, and how important it is that her dolls are in good hands.

We were able to explore this idea that the dolls are just like people, and that she’s learning more about herself.

We had the chance to see Sofia in person last week at the premiere of her new film, “The Real Thing.”

She’s in Los Angeles for the premiere and she will be on “Saturday Night Live” at 7 p.m. ET/PT.