What to look for in the recycling bin of your new life in the city

The city of Houston has an entire recycling program for recycling and disposing of household waste, and residents of Houston’s new-home neighborhoods are taking advantage of it.

Residents are using the city’s recycling bin to collect, store and transport their household waste.

Residents can also use the recycling service to purchase items such as diapers, soap, paper towels and shampoo.

The city also runs its own recycling programs for the public and private sector.

The city is offering a $10 fee for residents to collect their household items, but that money will be used to help pay for the citywide recycling program.

Residents will have to purchase a bucket and a container, along with a receipt.

The fee will be refunded after the bucket is emptied, said Kimberly Riggins, the director of Houston Public Works.

“It’s very easy to get that bucket,” Riggins said.

“You’re going to have to pay for it.

We’re not going to charge you for it.”

Riggins said the city has a large collection system that collects household items in various bins in the Houston area.

Residents can pick up their items at the following locations: Houston Health and Hospitals, Houston Public Library, the Houston Museum of Science and Industry, the City of Houston, the Federal Aviation Administration and other locations.

The Houston Police Department will also be collecting recyclable items for the recycling program, and they are asking for the help of the public.

Anyone with a concern about the program is asked to call police at 713-308-3400.

Residents who have items that they need to get to their recycling service can call the city at 717-921-5800.