What’s new in the world of commercial disinfectants?

By Fox Sports ReporterBryan Hagerfield-WilliamsThe Associated PressBryan Gurney/Getty ImagesAPBryan R. Grigsby/APAssociated PressBrynn Anderson/GettyImagesBryan K. Smith/Associated PressAssociated PressLincoln Chafee/Associated States via APBryan Grigs by Bryan R. Hagerfields-WilliamsBryan J. Mitchell/APBrett Davis/GettyAPBrytt Davis/Associated ImagesBy Bryan R,Gurney / APAssociated PressBY ROBERT STEWART, APBETTY LEWISBY, RON DILLON AND ROBERT LEWISSBY Associated PressBUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)Bryan Hayes was an 18-year-old high school freshman in North Carolina when he had to get used to the fact that his parents were going to be gone for weeks at a time.

That was a shock when the 19-year old decided to get his hands dirty in a commercial disinfectant tunnel to disinfect his family’s home in New York City.

Now Hayes, a former N.C. state football star, is one of the best in the country at cleaning up.

His career has spanned college, the NFL and the pro ranks.

He’s been the NFL’s second-leading rusher since last season and has earned two Pro Bowl nods.

Hayes is the top-rated recruit in the nation and has been ranked No. 1 since he was in middle school.

His dad, Steve Hayes, who has been working at the facility, says his son has learned how to do his job well, with a focus on safety.

“I think he’s learned from the best,” Steve Hayes said.

“He’s not afraid to get into a situation where he’s got to clean the house, he’s not scared to get in trouble for what he does and he’s really willing to learn.”

Hayes has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina, which earned him a spot in the prestigious College Football Hall of Fame.

“Bryan’s really good with the things that are going on around him, the equipment,” his dad said.

“He has that ability to learn and he has that confidence in himself to get the job done.

It’s not about him getting the best grade, it’s about him doing the best job for himself.”

Haye, who was selected in the fourth round by the Chicago Bears last June, has been in a tight spot since he decided to go into the commercial disinfection tunnel business.

He had been recruited by more than a dozen teams, but none had offered him the $300,000 contract he was offered in the NFL.

“You’re dealing with people who have a lot of cash,” Hayes said after being drafted in the second round.

“You have to make sure that you are putting money into the right places and you’re getting the most bang for your buck.”

Bryan is among the top 20 in the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, and he is a three-time All-Pro and first-team All-NFL selection.

He also was named to the Pro Bowl in 2016.

The tunnel system Hayes and other members of the family use has a history of safety violations, including a 2014 incident in which a team member was suspended for two games.

Haye said he had not been told about any recent safety violations.

His father said that his son was a natural at handling his job.

“There’s no question in my mind that he’s going to learn, learn and learn,” Steve said.

When Hayes is not cleaning up, he is training with the Steelers’ strength and conditioning team, the PCT Fitness Center in Canton, Ohio.

His brother, Brett, is also working out there.

His mother, Stacy, said the team was very supportive of her son.

“They’ve got a lot to offer,” Stacy Hayes said, “and they’re really going to give him the best education possible.”

Hayy was a defensive lineman at the University, then transferred to North Carolina State, where he played for two seasons.

He played at the high school level for a few years, but in 2017 he transferred to the football program and became a walk-on.

His dad said he was not the biggest fan of that decision, but his son said he wanted to play football because of his father.

“At the end of the day, I’m just trying to help him and give him what he wants,” Steve told the AP.

“I’m going to let him do what he’s supposed to do.”

Hay’ father, Steve, said that Bryan will have an opportunity to become a football player.

“The more opportunities that he gets to play, the more he can become a better player,” Steve added.

“But right now he’s just focused on becoming a father