How to disinfect a disinfectant box

Amazons disinfectant sprays are becoming a bit more popular.

The company says it is using them to disinfect surfaces in its stores and is starting to offer them in-store to customers.

It says it plans to start offering disinfection boxes for the first time next month.

“We are using the Amazondas AmAZO disinfectant-spray to disinfect your home and office,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“You can buy one for $4.99 from Amazon.”

The disinfectant has a unique spray technology that is unique to Amazon.

It does not work by directly touching a surface, but rather, the spray is released through a nozzle.

The spray is intended to be used on the surface that will be exposed to the water.

The company says the AmAZON disinfectant can be used to disinfect floors, walls, ceilings, and windows.

The disinfectant is also recommended for use on hard surfaces.

The disinfection spray comes with a special bottle that can be filled with water.

Amazos disinfectant includes a “microbial cleaning product” that cleans and sanitizes surfaces, including carpets, carpeting, linoleum, furniture, and other hard surfaces, and for use at home.

Amena said it is working with Amazones product development team to develop new products to offer for its customers.

Amana’s disinfectant products are not available at

Amazon does not sell disinfection sprays, but a customer recently asked Amazonia if the company could sell the disinfectant for $2.99.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.