How disinfection can make you sick

When disinfection is used to disinfect the body, it has a direct effect on the bacteria, viruses and protozoa that live there.

In fact, it can make people sick.

Bacteria living in the human body can live for weeks after being treated with a disinfectant.

But once the disinfectant is used, the bacteria can no longer survive for that long.

Some bacteria can survive for months.

Others can survive weeks.

And then the next week the bacteria are dead.

Scientists think this is because the disinfection process creates a new environment in which the bacteria cannot survive and develop resistance.

This creates a cycle where the bacteria will get worse and worse until they become resistant to the disinfectants used to treat them.

This means the bacteria don’t survive long enough to cause disease, and then eventually the bacteria become resistant too.

This cycle will persist for several weeks.

Eventually, the cycle will end.

This means the human immune system will be overwhelmed and then the human population will be wiped out.

This is why we need to take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones from becoming infected with a new strain of the same bacteria.

We need to make sure our pets have the proper sanitation and are not exposed to the same conditions as people.

We need to ensure that our pets are not contaminated by people who are not using the proper disinfectants.

We need strong sanitation and disinfection standards, to prevent this cycle from repeating itself.

I hope this helps explain the differences between disinfection and sterilization.

I also want to encourage you to think about how you would be able to do more effective and safe cleaning of your home and office, so that you can take your cleaning to a new level.