Why disinfecting spray may be the most effective way to combat MRSA outbreak

A New York man with MRSA who was infected with the superbug has been hospitalized after he developed an infection, according to a New York City doctor.

Eugene Shultz, who lives in New York, was hospitalized Friday and has been in intensive care for two weeks, said Dr. David Cohen, a medical officer of health.

The hospital said Shultz is in stable condition, and that his condition will be monitored for two to three weeks.

He was initially taken to a hospital in New Jersey, where he tested negative for the bacteria.

Cohen said he was concerned about the possibility that Shultz contracted MRSA from another patient who was sick with the infection.

Shultz’s uncle, Robert Shultz Jr., said his nephew had a long history of illness, including MRSA.

He said Shutsons father, a former Navy pilot, suffered a stroke and died in 2009.

He didn’t know if the other man was infected.

Shutsons uncle said he doesn’t believe the infection was linked to his nephew’s stroke.

He also said his uncle was not diagnosed with MRVA, which is a different type of MRSA that causes skin and mucous membranes to become infected.

He did not know if Shutsts condition was related to his MRSA diagnosis.

A New York health department spokeswoman said Shoots condition is not unusual and the department has been trying to determine if Shultz’s case was related.

Cohe said he is aware of several cases of people with MRCA infection who have tested positive for MRSA and the infection has been confirmed in many of them.

Cohens statement said there is no vaccine for MRCA and that he has not heard of any case of MRCA in this outbreak.

He emphasized that he doesn,t believe Shutsetts case is related to the other case.