Amazon disinfects towels, wipes, towels, towels

Amazon is disinfecting its towels, wiping towels and wipes at its warehouse in Brooklyn.

The company also plans to start selling disinfectant concentrates in the next few weeks at its warehouses in Brooklyn and New Jersey, according to a report in Business Insider.

Amazon has also begun making its own disinfectant wipes.

The company said in its annual report on Tuesday that it had sold 2 million of its disinfectant pads.

The company added that the number of products in its distribution network has more than doubled in the past year to more than 3 million.

The announcement comes just months after Amazon unveiled its new disinfectant cleaner and disinfectant wipe that it says is the best disinfectant on the market.

It will also begin offering disinfectant powders at its retail stores and online stores later this month.