The best of the disinfecting and cleaning tools of the 21st century

Gyms and pools are getting increasingly popular, but the best disinfecting tools of today are not as reliable as they once were, according to a report from global technology consultancy Accenture.

Accenture said that disinfection and cleaning products have changed rapidly over the past five years, making it hard to assess whether disinfection or cleaning products are as good as they used to be.

It said that the best tools today are “still being sold and advertised for very short timescales”.

“There are many new, potentially better products in the pipeline, but many of them are very expensive, often require large investment to manufacture, and often only work in very small spaces,” it said.

The report highlighted that “there are still many ways to disinfect a pool” that are not yet standardized.

“Many pools have been retrofitted with equipment that only works in one specific room,” it added.

Many of the latest “reinvented” methods are “not designed to handle multiple pools”, and the most reliable disinfectant is often water, which “is much less toxic than the water you are using in the pool”.

The company said that a major concern is that disinfectant products “are still not standardized across the board”.

Accententuate has released the full report in partnership with a pool management company called Lidl.

Accetuate has not released the list of “best” disinfectant brands or any recommendations about how to use them, instead the company says it will update the report when there is more information.

Its not just swimming pools where we’re still struggling to get disinfectant to workThe report also said that many of the most effective cleaning products were not yet in widespread use, and that some of the best cleaners were not available.

“There is no clear consensus on how best to disinfect and clean swimming pools,” it found.

But it said that some cleaners are being used in “emergency situations” such as swimming pools that have been contaminated by disease, and for example disinfecting a pool when people are ill or are in a critical condition.

While there are more than 50 different disinfectant cleaners available, Accenture said they are only available for sale in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

In the UK, the UK Environmental Protection Agency has launched an initiative to develop standards for disinfectant cleaning products.

This initiative is being led by the Water & Power Quality Agency (WPQA), and it will include testing of cleaning products to make sure they are safe.

WPQS chief executive Sue Baker told the BBC that the new standards will help businesses to better monitor their products and help prevent them from becoming contaminated.

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