How to clean up after an accident

Injuries sustained by people who have been at work can result in an increased risk of developing asthma, according to a study.

The study was carried out by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and the University of Bristol.

It found that more than half of the patients tested had experienced a first allergic reaction after exposure to a work site, with another third reporting a second or third.

Injuries caused by exposure to work sites were most common among men, the report found.

It also said that more and more workers were opting to use personal protective equipment, including face masks and protective gloves, to prevent inhaling allergens.

The report, which looked at the risk of asthma after a work-related injury, was published in the Lancet on Thursday.

In a statement, the RCPE said: ‘We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers at our work sites.

We have seen evidence that many workers are taking action to prevent inhalation of allergens and asthma.’

We will continue to monitor our workplace to identify any new information which may help us make more informed decisions.’

As the workplace becomes more and the impact of workplace injury is more and further identified, we will continue our efforts to reduce workplace injuries and the number of asthma attacks.’

The RCPA says that if you’ve been in a workplace and have a serious injury, call the RAC on 0800 767 789 to report the incident and get free, confidential support.