Three steps to disinfect your house

A trio of household cleaners that are meant to get rid of bacteria and viruses can work, but only if you do them correctly.

Here are the best three-step methods for dealing with your home.1.

The disinfectant shampoo: A combination of soap and water is used to disinfect.

You may find the shampoo can be expensive but it works well.

It will make a difference if your home has no plumbing, and if you don’t want to pay for a new one.2.

The antibacterial shampoo: If you don`t want to purchase a new bottle, try a basic shampoo that contains chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

You should use a high concentration of the disinfectant.3.

The water disinfectant: Water is added to a disinfectant to help kill the bacteria and protect your home from viruses.

You can also add a bit of soap to make a disinfecting spray.