How to use a phone disinfectant to stop a bubonic plague outbreak

Google has released a guide to using a phone or tablet disinfectant against a bubo outbreak.

The company says the disinfectant is meant to be used in combination with a nasal spray.

It’s a “non-toxic, safe, effective and safe for all-day use”, it adds.

This is not the first time Google has put out a phone and tablet disinfection guide, the first being released in January.

The Google app for Android and iOS is the main way users can get information about the disinfection process, but there’s also a Google app on Android that is designed for use with phones.

It contains information on how to use disinfectants, how to find and use the correct concentration, how long to use it and the possible side effects of the disinfectants.

Google has also released an app for mobile devices that can be used to manage the disinfecting process.