What you need to know about Amazon’s new disinfectant mist

Amazon is rolling out a new product that could reduce the risk of the spread of a potentially deadly coronavirus.

The new product, called the disinfectant spray, uses a special gel that will wash away the virus.

Amazon says the spray is designed to work as a disinfectant on the surface of water, but there’s some concern that it could spread into the air as well.

Amazon has also launched a website to explain the product.

Read more:Amazon said the disinfectants can be used on water to kill off the virus and are designed to remove it from food and clothing, as well as make it easier for health workers to treat the virus patients.

The disinfectant is available for purchase online at amazon.com/healthcare.

The product was developed by a group at Johns Hopkins University, and is being tested by Amazon for public health officials.

Read more:The new product comes after a similar product called the “disinfectants spray” that was announced last week.

It uses a similar gel to the disinfection spray, but the product’s safety is being evaluated by the FDA, Amazon said.

Amazon has been testing the disinfectic mist for two weeks, and will be rolling out more products in the coming weeks, the company said in a statement.