New York City’s new commercial disinfection plan will force residents to use disinfectants in bathrooms and other public areas

New York’s new ban on commercial disinfectants is expected to put the city’s population at risk for diseases, according to a report released on Tuesday.New York is one of a number of cities and states grappling with the threat of diseases that can be transmitted through public spaces.The report, which reviewed data from the Centers […]

‘I hope my mother doesn’t cry’: A father and son in Texas celebrate the birth of their firstborn

A couple in a small Texas town who thought they had just made history when they delivered their first child in the world have now celebrated the birth by dressing up in costumes.The story of the couple’s two-year journey from their home in rural South Carolina to a big-screen TV and their wedding was featured […]

When the FDA approves a new pesticide for the shoe disinfectants

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first chemical for disinfectants to be used in footwear.The chemical, called Doxapyr, is a formaldehyde-based disinfectant that is designed to kill mold spores.The FDA approved the drug on Wednesday for use in shoes that use anaerobic cleaners, or those that do not contain a high […]

How to make a disinfectant floor cleaning spray

You can make a powerful disinfectant that will leave you feeling cleaner, safer, and more effective when it comes to getting rid of germs in your home.You’ll need some basic knowledge of how to make the product and how to use it to clean your home, but you don’t need to be a professional.We’re here […]

Which disinfectant should I use?

The following are all products that contain disinfectant.There is no list of disinfectant products that do not contain disinfectants.(There are some disinfectant cleaners that contain only chlorine dioxide, but they are generally not recommended for use in homes.)To read the full article on disinfectants, click here.

When disinfectant mist spreads across the globe, scientists say it’s not a new problem

A new study shows how an air pollutant mist can spread across the world in a way that can disrupt global air quality.It also shows that this is a new threat that scientists can only hope to combat with technology.The study was published online today (Dec. 15) in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.It shows […]

How to get rid of dirt, mold and bacteria on your home

Posted June 14, 2018 09:10:24The best way to get dirt off your house is to disinfect it, but a lot of that is going to be through cleaning products.A lot of the stuff that you can buy to clean up your house may not be what’s going to work for you.Here are some of the […]

CDC approves 2 types of disinfectant for children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has approved 2 types: a chlorine-based disinfectant and a lysol disinfectant.Both the chlorine- and lyso-based products have been approved for use in children.Both products contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is used to clean toilets and other sinks.The CDC says both the chlorine and lysis-based versions are safe […]

How to get rid of bacteria with household bleach

A home bleach can be a handy way to cleanse a house if you’ve had a particularly nasty encounter with mold and other bugs.But if you’re going to go the bleach route, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got some sort of disinfecting solution on hand.Here are some tips for cleaning your home.If you have […]