How to disinfect an area and keep your kids safe

C-DCEA disinfectant is one of the first products on the market, and one of its most popular, as it’s widely available at local stores.But it’s important to know that while it may be available in stores, it’s not recommended for your child’s environment.You should still disinfect your home with your child if you’re concerned, and […]

What you need to know about disinfectants

The world’s largest cosmetics retailer is on the verge of launching its first disinfectant, a disinfectant that will treat nearly every household and home in the country.Lysol, a water-soluble, organic compound, is expected to be used in 50% of household disinfectants and 99% of outdoor products, the company said in a statement.Lethal Lysol, which is […]

Which hospital disinfectants are safe for the public to use?

The Government’s health advisory says hospital disinfection sprays containing chlorhexidine should be used in “small doses” and in situations where “there is no alternative.”But some experts say they can be used on more than one occasion.The advisory comes after a spate of infections in hospital wards, including one in a primary care unit.Auckland Hospital has […]

A $1.99 app for disinfectant soaps for Android users that works with the app store

We have been told by several people that the disinfectant shampoo and conditioner app that Android users can get with Google Play for free for Android works with a Google Play version of the disinfection soap app, and works with all Android versions of the app.This makes sense, since disinfectant is a disinfectant-based soap that […]

How to disinfecting a new HP Pavilion laptop with disinfecting wash

Hacking a new laptop, including a new Intel Core i7-3770K, to run Linux on it is an incredibly simple task.A Windows 8 PC, with a custom BIOS, has to be updated.And you’ll need a pair of disinfecting wipe brushes and an additional disinfecting wand, a small USB flash drive or a microSD card.There are tons […]

How to avoid surface disinfectants in home disinfection

New Yorkers have to be extra vigilant about the disinfectant they use in their homes, according to a study released Thursday by the state Department of Health.The study, which surveyed 1,000 New Yorkers over a four-year period, found that most households didn’t use a surface disinfection solution for their personal use.About one-third of respondents said […]

Isopropanol Alcohol disinfectant and Honest disinfectant Spray are in the Works

Isoprotol-based disinfectants can be applied to surfaces to help control microorganisms, while honest disinfectant sprays can help disinfect workers and passengers.Both sprays come from a well-known and popular disinfectant manufacturer.In the case of Isopro, the company is also working on a disinfectant for a popular product that is already on the market.The disinfectant is called […]