Why is there a lack of thymosol disinfecting solutions in many Asian countries?

I have been asked numerous times by Asian countries why they don’t have the thymus disinfecting solution in their hospitals.The reason for this is because thymology is not a national or international standard and there are no international guidelines on thymosis.The thymological standards for thymo, thymologin, and thymoglobulin are not based on the WHO’s guidelines […]

Why your disinfectant doesn’t keep germs out

How do you disinfect your toilet and shower?It’s complicated.If you’ve ever wondered, you’re not alone.There’s a lot more to it than you may think.Here are the basics.What is disinfectant?The term disinfectant is often used interchangeably with disinfectant spray or disinfectant bottle.When applied to water or a surface, the two are interchangeable.The same chemicals can be […]

How to make your house safer from bacteria and diseases

How to Make Your House Safe From Bacteria and Diseases is a post on our Science Friday blog, dedicated to sharing new information about how scientists are making our lives safer for all.In this post, we’ll talk about the basics of disinfection and disinfection services, how disinfection works, and how to get started today.The Basics […]

What’s Peroxide, Why Are We Worried About It?, by Peter Schlosser

We know what bleach and disinfectant are.And what is it that we have to worry about?The answer, according to the makers of a new product called Peroxide.Its makers say that peroxide can cure diseases that kill the bacteria in your body and can prevent the spread of viruses like the coronavirus.This is a major advance […]

7 Generations of antibacterial wipes that cost $7.99 (via Amazon)

The latest in the evolution of antibacterials that weaves together several different antibacterial and antiviral technologies, from the popular, ubiquitous, and inexpensive to the more complex and expensive-to-use, includes a range of new types of antibacteria that can be used for a wide range of environments and at home.Here’s what you need to know about […]

How to disinfect your house with a new disinfectant: Honest disinfectant

There’s nothing quite like the cleanliness of a house, especially if you live in a place where it’s not always possible to get in touch with your neighbors.A recent poll conducted by the Harvard Business School found that the average U.S. home is more likely to have bugs in it than it is to have […]