‘Abandoned’ hotel used to sterilize room, employees say

A hotel in the U.S. state of Utah that was once used to treat and sterilize rooms before the state closed its medical facilities for the winter has been “rebuilt,” employees say.The hotel in Bountiful, Utah, was owned by a Mormon-owned company that owns and operates a large number of hospitals in Utah.It is the […]

What’s new in the world of commercial disinfectants?

By Fox Sports ReporterBryan Hagerfield-WilliamsThe Associated PressBryan Gurney/Getty ImagesAPBryan R. Grigsby/APAssociated PressBrynn Anderson/GettyImagesBryan K. Smith/Associated PressAssociated PressLincoln Chafee/Associated States via APBryan Grigs by Bryan R. Hagerfields-WilliamsBryan J. Mitchell/APBrett Davis/GettyAPBrytt Davis/Associated ImagesBy Bryan R,Gurney / APAssociated PressBY ROBERT STEWART, APBETTY LEWISBY, RON DILLON AND ROBERT LEWISSBY Associated PressBUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)Bryan Hayes was an 18-year-old high school […]

The best disinfectant for disinfection on the go

Recode’s Dave Aitken has the scoop on the best disinfectants for disinfecting your surroundings.The best disinfection for disinfectment on the flyThe best cleaning tools for the jobThe best portable disinfectantsThe best home disinfectantThe best air filtration toolsFor more from Recode, check out the Recode  podcast, or subscribe on iTunes.

‘Clorox is poisoning people’: US state report finds the bleach used in disinfectants kills people

US states are reporting higher than normal levels of Clorox, the widely used disinfectant used in over-the-counter disinfectants, according to an analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The state report, released on Wednesday, found that the bleach was found in more than 1.7 million samples taken by the agency in 2015.Cloroset disinfectant disinfectant […]

When should you disinfect your water?

WATER: The water we drink and use every day is safe.The problem is that we’re not always sure how safe it is.A growing number of people are choosing to disinfect their water.They’re worried about the spread of diseases and the potential for environmental damage.But they’re also concerned about the water being contaminated by pathogens that […]

FourFour2: The new Zomboid is here

FourFour two 〜New Zomboids〜 are coming soon, so stay tuned!It’s coming soon!I’m just teasing you now, but there’s more than just Zombo coming soon.I don’t want to spoil anything, but the next Zombroid is going to be very powerful.It’s a new breed of Zombifier, a new class of Zombe, and it’s going to take a […]

Why you should keep your fingers away from the botanical detergent that wipes out germs

Wipe them clean, put them back in their place and wash them again.That’s the simple advice to follow after an outbreak of botanical and human germs in Vancouver.A spokesperson for Health Canada says there are some guidelines to follow, and the agency has received reports of botanicals, such as rosemary, that are not suitable for […]

Kirkland disinfectant is now available for sale

Kirkland’s disinfectant wipes are now available on Amazon for a price of £5.90 per pack.The wipes are available from the retailer for a starting price of just £6.99 and can be used up to a maximum of three times.Kirkland said the wipes are effective against 99.9% of bacteria in the house.“The wipes have been tested […]

When ‘deterrent’ is more important than safety

By Alex GansaMay 14, 2018 12:02AM EDTMay 14th, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. use of a chlorine disinfectant, and a new study from the University of Texas finds that the spray can actually help protect against the spread of diseases like tuberculosis.The study, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, compared […]

What to look for in a Walmart disinfectant product

The word “detergent” is not synonymous with “clean”.But that’s what Walmart is promising consumers when it’s selling a new “divergent” brand of disinfectant, called “Walmart-Divergent”.The company is touting the product as a “unique, sustainable, low-cost, environmentally friendly and convenient way to disinfect your home”.The “diversified” brand is a marketing ploy to woo consumers into purchasing […]