How to use bleach for disinfecting your hands and your hair

The next time you run into an emergency, it might not be an air or water problem but a chemical problem.A common reaction is to run the risk of becoming ill from exposure to an airborne substance or substance that may have been used on you.But there are many other ways you can become ill […]

Which disinfectant are you using?

A lot of us will often be using a disinfectant on our clothing.Whether it’s a cleaning product, a personal wash, a toothbrush, or a disinfecting spray, the disinfectant is typically used on clothes because it’s cheap, easy to use, and safe to wear.But there are other types of disinfectants that are safe for you to […]

The Science Behind Amazon’s First 3-D Disinfectant Source Mashable

Disinfecting hand sanitizer and hand wipes is a key step in protecting against disease and is now a popular alternative to a water or air disinfection.The first 3-d disinfectant spray is available at, and it is made with essential oils, the same ones used to make […]

Is it safe to use peroxide to disinfect?

The Peroxide disinfecting wipe that the CDC recommends on its website is designed to be applied to the inside of your mouth.It does not work on the outside of your teeth.It is not designed to clean the outside surfaces of your face, but rather to clean your mouth and eyes.It works best on the inside, […]

What to look for in the recycling bin of your new life in the city

The city of Houston has an entire recycling program for recycling and disposing of household waste, and residents of Houston’s new-home neighborhoods are taking advantage of it.Residents are using the city’s recycling bin to collect, store and transport their household waste.Residents can also use the recycling service to purchase items such as diapers, soap, paper […]

How to get rid of the zep, or antibacterial cleanser, for your body

zep is a popular antibacterial cleaning product that was developed by Dr. Martin Fleischer in the 1960s.When the product was introduced, it was used to clean carpets, floors, toilets, and even a sink, according to the CDC.But according to a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, zep caused skin irritation, […]

When are you going to stop drinking alcohol and start treating your teeth?

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the first-ever “Tuberculos” toothpaste.And for many Canadians, that’s the beginning of the end of their habit of consuming alcohol.Today, a quarter of Canadians have stopped drinking alcohol, and only 5 per cent of them still consume more than six units of alcohol per day.But as […]

‘Cancer and other diseases could be linked to air quality’: UK scientists report

UK scientists have published a study suggesting that the health impacts of air pollution from coal-fired power plants may be linked with lung cancer.The scientists have also said the study “demonstrates that a number of other diseases can be associated with air pollution”.Their findings were published on Wednesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.The […]

How to apply disinfectant sprays to a toilet

Posted November 10, 2018 08:00:00Read moreIn case you’re not aware, disinfectants are used to clean the environment, but there are other types of disinfectants too.There are a number of different types of chlorine disinfectants and we’ve written about the different types here, but we’re going to focus on the disinfectants listed below.The disinfectants we’ll discuss […]