New ‘Wash Machine’ from Dyson and Lidl makes washing your clothes much easier

A new machine for cleaning your clothes may be on the horizon.A new Dyson laundry machine that uses water, and a water-saving rinse, is scheduled to debut in 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal.The Dyson is a small, water-efficient laundry machine with a range of different wash cycles that can do laundry, dishwasher, dryer, […]

How to buy and use an Epa disinfecting wand for disinfection

The Epa product line includes an aerosol and a vaporizer for disinfecting surfaces, a brush that dispenses liquid aerosols and a water-based aerosol dispenser that dispense liquids and water.The device is part of a line of products that include hand sanitizer, hand and body wash and hand and foot sanitizers.It also includes a device for […]

The best disinfectant for disinfection on the go

Recode’s Dave Aitken has the scoop on the best disinfectants for disinfecting your surroundings.The best disinfection for disinfectment on the flyThe best cleaning tools for the jobThe best portable disinfectantsThe best home disinfectantThe best air filtration toolsFor more from Recode, check out the┬áRecode ┬ápodcast, or subscribe on iTunes.