You’re not the only one feeling the sting of clorax: A survey finds 76% of women and 81% of men feel the same way

By Megan McArdle, Fortune magazineA new poll by Fortune finds that many women and men feel that the time has come for women to take the lead in the fight against clorx, the antibiotic once used by millions of American men to prevent infections and reduce the risk of cancer.The new poll, which was conducted […]

Kirkland disinfectant is now available for sale

Kirkland’s disinfectant wipes are now available on Amazon for a price of £5.90 per pack.The wipes are available from the retailer for a starting price of just £6.99 and can be used up to a maximum of three times.Kirkland said the wipes are effective against 99.9% of bacteria in the house.“The wipes have been tested […]