What’s going on at Costco?

By John MaciasA Costco employee was arrested on Wednesday after police found he had sold alcohol disinfectants at the popular retail store in suburban Milwaukee.A spokesperson for the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office told ABC News that the arrest is the first for a Costco employee for selling alcohol disinfection spray at the Wisconsin store.The […]

What do you need to know about the costco disinfecting spray and what it does?

Posted by Amy M. at 10:00:00 Name Fabuloso – Costco disinfection spray Name Costco – Costco disinfecter spray Brand Description ┬áThis disinfecting tool is designed to remove and disinfect the dirt, bacteria, mold, fungus and odors that accumulate on a vehicle.It is not an effective means of treating the entire vehicle.You must use a product […]