How to get rid of barbicides

A few days ago, I got an email from an old friend.She was worried about getting sick, she said.She needed to make sure that my house was free of barbs.She told me to look into disinfectant wipes, disinfectant soap and disinfectant sprays.I did.After the barbs were out, I began to feel better.I’ve seen barbs a […]

Three steps to disinfect your house

A trio of household cleaners that are meant to get rid of bacteria and viruses can work, but only if you do them correctly.Here are the best three-step methods for dealing with your home.1.The disinfectant shampoo: A combination of soap and water is used to disinfect.You may find the shampoo can be expensive but it […]

CDC approves 2 types of disinfectant for children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has approved 2 types: a chlorine-based disinfectant and a lysol disinfectant.Both the chlorine- and lyso-based products have been approved for use in children.Both products contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is used to clean toilets and other sinks.The CDC says both the chlorine and lysis-based versions are safe […]

A $1.99 app for disinfectant soaps for Android users that works with the app store

We have been told by several people that the disinfectant shampoo and conditioner app that Android users can get with Google Play for free for Android works with a Google Play version of the disinfection soap app, and works with all Android versions of the app.This makes sense, since disinfectant is a disinfectant-based soap that […]

‘No need to disinfect’ in case of EV outbreak in Kerala – Prakash Javadekar

New Delhi: India’s chief health officer on Tuesday urged the public not to use disinfectant to wash hands, saying there is no need to use them in the event of an EV outbreak.The announcement comes after a woman died in Kerala last week in what authorities are calling a case of suspected coronavirus.The man who […]