How to get rid of bacteria with household bleach

A home bleach can be a handy way to cleanse a house if you’ve had a particularly nasty encounter with mold and other bugs.But if you’re going to go the bleach route, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got some sort of disinfecting solution on hand.Here are some tips for cleaning your home.If you have […]

Which disinfectant are you using?

A lot of us will often be using a disinfectant on our clothing.Whether it’s a cleaning product, a personal wash, a toothbrush, or a disinfecting spray, the disinfectant is typically used on clothes because it’s cheap, easy to use, and safe to wear.But there are other types of disinfectants that are safe for you to […]

How to get rid of your dirty laundry from the inside out: disinfecting cleaners

There are a variety of ways to clean the inside of your home, but most people don’t consider them as safe and effective.Here are the top 10 ways to disinfect your home and take care of your household pets.1.Cleaning your kitchen 2.Washing your clothes and utensils3.Rinse your car4.Laundry and dishes5.Wiping dishes, plates, and towels6.Rubbing your […]