When it comes to water, what you need to know about disinfectant disinfectants

By now, you have probably heard that people in the US are being urged to stay away from water disinfectant sprays and detergents because of concerns over the risk of a deadly coronavirus outbreak.This is based on an alarming recent study that found that those who use water disinfectants, or other disinfectants in general, are […]

How to clean your toilet: Clorox

The US health authorities have warned against the use of a new disinfecting spray by Clorix to clean a toilet because it may increase the risk of bacterial infection.Clorax is a disinfecting fluid used to disinfect toilet paper.It can be purchased online for $25 a bottle.It has been used to remove the stench of urine […]

What you need to know about disinfecting spray,mr cleaning disinfectant

How disinfecting your house is really just a spray and then drying it is the key to staying clean, according to the authors of the book, How to Clean Your House.That’s why cleaning spray can be just as effective as wiping down your home with bleach or water, and disinfectant wipes have become more common […]

How to clean up after an accident

Injuries sustained by people who have been at work can result in an increased risk of developing asthma, according to a study.The study was carried out by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and the University of Bristol.It found that more than half of the patients tested had experienced a first allergic reaction after exposure […]

Why disinfecting spray may be the most effective way to combat MRSA outbreak

A New York man with MRSA who was infected with the superbug has been hospitalized after he developed an infection, according to a New York City doctor.Eugene Shultz, who lives in New York, was hospitalized Friday and has been in intensive care for two weeks, said Dr. David Cohen, a medical officer of health.The hospital […]

Why should you disinfect your clothes?

Why should I disinfect my clothes?A lot of people think that washing clothes in a chlorine disinfectant solution will kill bacteria and kill off odors, but this is a myth.When it comes to cleaning clothes, the key to disinfecting is to use the proper disinfectant spray.If you’re in the market for a new cleaning spray, […]