New York City’s new commercial disinfection plan will force residents to use disinfectants in bathrooms and other public areas

New York’s new ban on commercial disinfectants is expected to put the city’s population at risk for diseases, according to a report released on Tuesday.New York is one of a number of cities and states grappling with the threat of diseases that can be transmitted through public spaces.The report, which reviewed data from the Centers […]

How disinfection can make you sick

When disinfection is used to disinfect the body, it has a direct effect on the bacteria, viruses and protozoa that live there.In fact, it can make people sick.Bacteria living in the human body can live for weeks after being treated with a disinfectant.But once the disinfectant is used, the bacteria can no longer survive for […]

How to disinfect your bathroom without using disinfectant

HDX disinfectant sprays can help reduce bacteria levels, according to the company.They can also be used to disinfect indoor and outdoor spaces.However, some people find them to be a bit on the expensive side, while others are finding them useful to use in situations where you’re not sure if they’re safe to use.According to a […]