Which is better for you? Essential oils, botanical disinfectants or mineral oil?

Health Canada has released a report that says essential oils are the “top choice” for disinfectants and is recommending that Canadians use one of three types of disinfectants to treat their body.The agency said essential oils and botanical extracts were the most popular disinfectants in Canada, with 90 per cent of the country’s people using […]

How to Make a Complete, Non-Stainable Spray for Your Home and Garden

Purell and alcohol disinfectant can both be used to disinfect surfaces, but both are also useful in the home.When used correctly, both disinfectants will not leave a stain on surfaces, and they do not need to be diluted to avoid spreading bacteria to other surfaces.Here are the best uses for each.1.Antimicrobial Spray for the Home […]

The Science Behind Amazon’s First 3-D Disinfectant Source Mashable

Disinfecting hand sanitizer and hand wipes is a key step in protecting against disease and is now a popular alternative to a water or air disinfection.The first 3-d disinfectant spray is available at Amazon.com, and it is made with essential oils, the same ones used to make soap.Amazon.com Amazon.ca Amazon.co.uk Amazon.fr Amazon.de Amazon.it Amazon.no Amazon.pt […]

Why your disinfectant doesn’t keep germs out

How do you disinfect your toilet and shower?It’s complicated.If you’ve ever wondered, you’re not alone.There’s a lot more to it than you may think.Here are the basics.What is disinfectant?The term disinfectant is often used interchangeably with disinfectant spray or disinfectant bottle.When applied to water or a surface, the two are interchangeable.The same chemicals can be […]