How to make laundry soap for your toilet

Hand washers everywhere will love this handy soap that uses the water from a flush to disinfect the hands and wash away the stains.How to make a homemade soap for toilet paper dispensersThe product is made of pure, mineral water, which is what you’d expect from a toilet paper product.It’s also made of a liquid […]

What’s Peroxide, Why Are We Worried About It?, by Peter Schlosser

We know what bleach and disinfectant are.And what is it that we have to worry about?The answer, according to the makers of a new product called Peroxide.Its makers say that peroxide can cure diseases that kill the bacteria in your body and can prevent the spread of viruses like the coronavirus.This is a major advance […]

Fluoroquinolones are the future of disinfectants

Fluoroquine, a class of antibiotics, is one of the most widely used antibiotics in the world.It is also becoming increasingly popular among the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.But its effectiveness has been questioned, particularly in the elderly.Now, researchers say a new vaccine could protect against the disease and help to reduce the use […]