How to keep your hands safe while cleaning your home

The American Society for Microbiology recommends disinfecting all surfaces, including kitchen, bathroom, and office, with 1% sodium hypochlorite (a common bleach).To do this, you should put your hand in a glass jar with the lid off, open the jar, and shake the jar with a plastic or glass bowl.After shaking the bowl, gently pour the […]

How to disinfect your dog’s poop

By: John O’Hara, Sports Writer | Published: June 05, 2018 12:06:55How to disinfect the poop of your dog.There are a number of options to choose from.The first option is to just leave it alone and leave it to dry out.There’s no need to worry about it getting on your hands, but if you’re not careful […]

When the new antibiotics are ready, the battle is on

By Rajesh Kumar | 04 October 2016 04:23:12The new antibiotics, which will make life in the hospitals and nursing homes safer for patients, will be ready to be introduced soon.Health Minister M.V. Raman, however, said the government will not delay in its plans to create a nationwide programme to promote and distribute free anti-microbial wipes, […]