What’s Peroxide, Why Are We Worried About It?, by Peter Schlosser

We know what bleach and disinfectant are.And what is it that we have to worry about?The answer, according to the makers of a new product called Peroxide.Its makers say that peroxide can cure diseases that kill the bacteria in your body and can prevent the spread of viruses like the coronavirus.This is a major advance […]

How to use a MR clean disinfection spray

The MR clean dispenser comes with a nozzle and two dispensers.The dispenser is connected to a dispenser ring that also connects to the sprayer.The sprayer itself is connected via a hose to the nozzle and nozzle ring.The hose connects to a sprayer cartridge that is attached to the dispenser.The dispenser uses a liquid-based disinfectant.The liquid-filled […]

Which disinfectant should I use to disinfect my home?

Synonym(s) disinfectant cleaning sprays,cleansing sprays source RTVE title What are disinfectant sprays and why should I choose one?article The most common disinfectant is chlorine.Claire disinfectants have an extra chlorine atom and they are meant for household use.They have a high pH and will kill bacteria and viruses.The disinfectant cleaners are available in the range of […]