The best disinfectant to spray in the US

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday approved home disinfectant sprays that will be marketed in grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.Home disinfectant is a chemical compound that’s made up of a combination of three elements: chlorine, sodium hydroxide and fluorine.The compounds are then combined in a sprayer to kill bacteria.Home-disinfectant spray is […]

Which disinfectant should I use?

The following are all products that contain disinfectant.There is no list of disinfectant products that do not contain disinfectants.(There are some disinfectant cleaners that contain only chlorine dioxide, but they are generally not recommended for use in homes.)To read the full article on disinfectants, click here.

How to get rid of bacteria with household bleach

A home bleach can be a handy way to cleanse a house if you’ve had a particularly nasty encounter with mold and other bugs.But if you’re going to go the bleach route, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got some sort of disinfecting solution on hand.Here are some tips for cleaning your home.If you have […]