How to Use Clorox for a Healthy and Clean Closet

Business Insider’s Katie Dearden discusses how to get the most out of Clorax’s bio-degradable disinfectant and disinfecting wipe.“I don’t know if it’s the ingredients or the ingredients alone, but they’re doing so much good with these,” she said.The bio-chemical disinfectant disinfects up to 20% of a body’s surface.The disinfectant wipes can be washed with water […]

How disinfection can make you sick

When disinfection is used to disinfect the body, it has a direct effect on the bacteria, viruses and protozoa that live there.In fact, it can make people sick.Bacteria living in the human body can live for weeks after being treated with a disinfectant.But once the disinfectant is used, the bacteria can no longer survive for […]

How to disinfect your house with a new disinfectant: Honest disinfectant

There’s nothing quite like the cleanliness of a house, especially if you live in a place where it’s not always possible to get in touch with your neighbors.A recent poll conducted by the Harvard Business School found that the average U.S. home is more likely to have bugs in it than it is to have […]

Isopropanol Alcohol disinfectant and Honest disinfectant Spray are in the Works

Isoprotol-based disinfectants can be applied to surfaces to help control microorganisms, while honest disinfectant sprays can help disinfect workers and passengers.Both sprays come from a well-known and popular disinfectant manufacturer.In the case of Isopro, the company is also working on a disinfectant for a popular product that is already on the market.The disinfectant is called […]