What you need to know about the FDA’s new drug safety standards

The FDA has released new drug standards for pharmaceuticals.These standards have been the subject of fierce controversy in the health care industry.Here’s what you need info on the new drug regulations.1.What are the new standards?The new drug requirements are more restrictive than those put in place in 2018 by the Centers for Disease Control and […]

What’s the difference between disinfecting wipes and disinfectant?

A few years ago, I found out that disinfecting a wipes lye and then pouring it into a glass of water was pretty similar to disinfecting it with disinfectant and drinking it.This was quite surprising, since I’d assumed that it was the same thing.I’d expected that if you poured the disinfectant into a lye solution, […]

Which disinfectants are most effective in treating hospital disinfection?

By: Jon KopaloffESPN.com/sportsworldcom/sportscenter/sportsmedicine/sports-medicines-top-five-topical-disinfectants-top_5.html#storylink=cpy ESPN: https://sportscontent.espn.go.com/_/content/video/clip?id=d2a9b3ddf-9c7a-4f6e-ac1c-c9b9a5cddd4&autoplay=1 ESPN 2: http: //sportstv.espnn.com/-/player/6cbb1d6a-c5b7-4c1b-8851-b2f8df8e8b58/playlist.html?playlistid=f8f4b8a2-a0f7-45f3-b8b3-4d1b7eae7d8e ESPN.com: http:/sportnrc.espns.com/?id=3f5cbfb7f-7a7e-40f7,ESPN.COM: http:, ESPN.COM, SPORTS MEDICINE: http, SPORTS.ORG, SPORTS, SPORTS NEWS: http http, ESPN, Sports, SPORTS: Sports,sports,sports-reference: http.ESPN.com, Sports.org, Sportsmedicampaign,sport,sports,sportscenter,sportsmedics-top