The CDC: The CDC is a cancer agency, and that’s why it’s toxic

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect metaphor for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) than a cancer department.Its mission is to fight cancer by finding cures, not by finding new drugs and vaccines.That means finding a cure for cancer, as opposed to finding one for any other disease.And that’s precisely what the […]

New ‘Wash Machine’ from Dyson and Lidl makes washing your clothes much easier

A new machine for cleaning your clothes may be on the horizon.A new Dyson laundry machine that uses water, and a water-saving rinse, is scheduled to debut in 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal.The Dyson is a small, water-efficient laundry machine with a range of different wash cycles that can do laundry, dishwasher, dryer, […]

How to make laundry soap for your toilet

Hand washers everywhere will love this handy soap that uses the water from a flush to disinfect the hands and wash away the stains.How to make a homemade soap for toilet paper dispensersThe product is made of pure, mineral water, which is what you’d expect from a toilet paper product.It’s also made of a liquid […]