How to make your own disinfectant from scratch

BJS disinfecting wipe disinfectant supplies, disinfectant wipes and syringes can all be purchased online from Amazon and, but it’s still worth making your own.It’s easy to make, and it’s cheap. BJS disinfection wipes, (pictured) are an affordable way to clean up and disinfect. Lysol disinfectants are a more expensive alternative, but are less efficient at killing bacteria. How […]

How the world’s biggest chemical company is fighting the rise of hydrogen peroxides

Byron Jones, ContributorThe chemical company that makes the most widely used disinfectant in the world is being hit with a new legal battle over the rising use of hydrogen oxide.Lysol is the world leader in disinfectants, and in recent years, Lysol has been making headlines for its use in treating the sick and elderly.The chemical […]