Clean disinfectant, not poison, kills bacteria in New York City

A new study by a New York-based company claims to have found that a disinfectant that kills bacteria doesn’t kill them.The study, published in the journal Science, tested a cocktail of the disinfectant at different concentrations and found that it didn’t work.It’s possible that the test results are not completely accurate because of the large […]

What you need to know about disinfecting spray,mr cleaning disinfectant

How disinfecting your house is really just a spray and then drying it is the key to staying clean, according to the authors of the book, How to Clean Your House.That’s why cleaning spray can be just as effective as wiping down your home with bleach or water, and disinfectant wipes have become more common […]

How to use a MR clean disinfection spray

The MR clean dispenser comes with a nozzle and two dispensers.The dispenser is connected to a dispenser ring that also connects to the sprayer.The sprayer itself is connected via a hose to the nozzle and nozzle ring.The hose connects to a sprayer cartridge that is attached to the dispenser.The dispenser uses a liquid-based disinfectant.The liquid-filled […]