Is it safe to use peroxide to disinfect?

The Peroxide disinfecting wipe that the CDC recommends on its website is designed to be applied to the inside of your mouth.It does not work on the outside of your teeth.It is not designed to clean the outside surfaces of your face, but rather to clean your mouth and eyes.It works best on the inside, […]

What’s Peroxide, Why Are We Worried About It?, by Peter Schlosser

We know what bleach and disinfectant are.And what is it that we have to worry about?The answer, according to the makers of a new product called Peroxide.Its makers say that peroxide can cure diseases that kill the bacteria in your body and can prevent the spread of viruses like the coronavirus.This is a major advance […]

How to disinfect your body with peroxide and disinfectant

Peroxide disinfectants are disinfectants used to clean out your body after using a lot of soap and water.They are also used for disinfecting surfaces, such as a shower curtain.Ethanol disinfectants disinfect your clothing and clothing items.You can also use the disinfectant to clean the air, but they are generally used for household cleaning purposes.Both peroxide […]