How to disinfect your body with natural disinfectants

Sanitizing your body is essential for a healthy immune system, according to scientists.The best method of protecting against infections, they say, is by using natural disinfectives.The natural disinfecting agent, the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, is the best choice for combating diseases like dengue, the study showed.The researchers used Bacillus to sanitize mice’s body and the brains […]

How do you clean your car and get rid of the germs?

The term disinfectant has come to define the treatment of toxic compounds in cars and other commercial products.In the U.S., many car manufacturers use a combination of bleach, hydrogen peroxidase and other disinfectants to disinfect fuel and electrical systems.But what’s in a disinfectant?Is it a pure product or an industrial chemical?Here’s what you need to […]

The Science Behind Amazon’s First 3-D Disinfectant Source Mashable

Disinfecting hand sanitizer and hand wipes is a key step in protecting against disease and is now a popular alternative to a water or air disinfection.The first 3-d disinfectant spray is available at, and it is made with essential oils, the same ones used to make […]

How to disinfect your bathroom without using disinfectant

HDX disinfectant sprays can help reduce bacteria levels, according to the company.They can also be used to disinfect indoor and outdoor spaces.However, some people find them to be a bit on the expensive side, while others are finding them useful to use in situations where you’re not sure if they’re safe to use.According to a […]