What are the most popular products you use to disinfect your home?

If you’ve been in a cleaning or home improvement business, you’ve probably heard of fabric disinfectant sprays.These are used to disinfect clothing and other surfaces, and are often packaged as a separate product.Unfortunately, fabric disinfectants don’t come with the same level of protection as other products, and they don’t always work the way you might […]

How to get rid of mould and bacteria from your home

This is a guide to what you need to know about what to do if you get a nasty cold or have mould or bacteria on your property.How to disinfect airspray air cleanerIf you have air fresheners on your air ducts or other surfaces, you should disinfect them before you disinfect the air.You should also […]

When should you disinfect your water?

WATER: The water we drink and use every day is safe.The problem is that we’re not always sure how safe it is.A growing number of people are choosing to disinfect their water.They’re worried about the spread of diseases and the potential for environmental damage.But they’re also concerned about the water being contaminated by pathogens that […]