FourFour2: The new Zomboid is here

FourFour two 〜New Zomboids〜 are coming soon, so stay tuned!It’s coming soon!I’m just teasing you now, but there’s more than just Zombo coming soon.I don’t want to spoil anything, but the next Zombroid is going to be very powerful.It’s a new breed of Zombifier, a new class of Zombe, and it’s going to take a […]

What to look for in a Walmart disinfectant product

The word “detergent” is not synonymous with “clean”.But that’s what Walmart is promising consumers when it’s selling a new “divergent” brand of disinfectant, called “Walmart-Divergent”.The company is touting the product as a “unique, sustainable, low-cost, environmentally friendly and convenient way to disinfect your home”.The “diversified” brand is a marketing ploy to woo consumers into purchasing […]