Why Walmart is now buying spray machines to disinfect its stores

WASHINGTON — Walmart is buying spray systems to disinfect stores.The retail giant on Thursday acquired spray disinfection systems for its stores in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, according to a regulatory filing.Walmart is one of a handful of U.S. retailers that have bought the systems to help them fight the spread of the coronavirus.WalMart […]

What to look for in a Walmart disinfectant product

The word “detergent” is not synonymous with “clean”.But that’s what Walmart is promising consumers when it’s selling a new “divergent” brand of disinfectant, called “Walmart-Divergent”.The company is touting the product as a “unique, sustainable, low-cost, environmentally friendly and convenient way to disinfect your home”.The “diversified” brand is a marketing ploy to woo consumers into purchasing […]